SatCAT: Space Radiation Monitoring Applications at Earth


The Satellite Charging Assessment Tool (SatCAT) allows you to quickly resolve on-orbit satellite anomalies and maintain continuous reliable mission operations. It summarizes space radiation impacts to your assets so you can confidently identify the cause of anomalies and the right response.

SatCAT can create a timeline of the current and historical charging levels of any satellite on orbit. The tool is configurable so that you can generate and view internal charging levels for your chosen satellites and design paramaters such as shielding thickness and materials. It also allows you to add anomaly times so you can compare charging levels directly with on-orbit anomalies to identify correlations.

Getting Started

To use the tool and generate a charging timeline for your satellite, click the Login button. From there you can register for access. Registration is required to maintain user confidentiality.


Recent/Current Charging Conditions at GEO

The plot below shows the recent history of accumulated charge in Kapton materials at GEO orbit for different shielding thicknesses.