Space Hazards Applications specializes in the physics and effects of space-weather. Space weather can disrupt electricity-transmission systems, causing transformer failures and power outages. It can damage satellites that provide essential services such as communication and business transactions. SHA provides research, guidance, and applications for overcoming space weather related problems. We solve these problems with an approach that combines our appreciation of the real world situations and understanding of the fundamental physical principals. We deliver practical solutions based on sound science.

Janet C. Green

Janet specializes in understanding the damaging affects of space weather on satellites. She received her PhD in Geophysics and Space Physics from UCLA where she studied the physical mechanisms that cause large intensifications and depletions of the radiation environment around Earth that threatens the global satellite fleet. At the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center and National Ceners for Environmental Information she led satellite anomaly investigations, monitored the radiation data from the NOAA satellite constellation, and developed products and tools for assessing the real time radiation hazard. She now continues this work on the radiation environment and its hazards as a founding owner of Space Hazards Applications.

Space Hazards Applications

Learn how to better understand your space weather anomalies.